Senior Living

Best and Easy to Use TV for Elderly Homes in the UK

TV for senior living to improve residents’ quality of life

Non-clinical information

Clinically-led information

Digital exclusion

Provide non-clinical information

Our solution keeps residents and visitors well informed and engaged with the property by providing, through one simple view, information on visiting, activity and meal times while enabling the promotion of in-house support services.

Display clinically-led information and services

Our TV platform offers multiple information and entertainment tailored to the unique specifications of each property. These can broadcast information on hand washing for example, show the webcam from the garden, bringing the “outside” into the residents’ room and even display general mobility and physio led video assets.

Avoid digital exclusion

With our solution, residents are encouraged to use the ‘NEW’ digital services with their existing TV and existing remote control using familiar buttons. The residence can also use our TV platform to display “’care family” images on the system to aid inclusion or even promote “friends of the trust” and its fundraising arm.